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John Castle

Investment real estate representative

My clients are professionals and business owners who invest in real estate in order to build enduring wealth and create something lasting for their families.

I focus on multi-family properties, land speculation, and development. However, all areas of real estate are related. As such, expertise in one area is contingent on competence in the others. For that reason, I maintain a measure of diversity in my practice.

I have strong analytical skills, which I developed while completing the CMA (now CPA) Accelerated Program and through my study of formal logic and reasoning (analytic philosophy) at Carleton.

Before entering investment real estate, I built and sold a facility service business, which I started during my first degree at Carleton. During its operation, I was an active member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association). To grow sales, I placed over 25,000 cold calls to commercial prospects (nothing happens without someone’s hard work). As a consequence, the business came to employ a staff of 30. The new owner is now franchising the brand and management systems. The operation of that company enabled me to acquire commercial, and residential, investment property and to complete a dozen commercial transactions (lease-outs included) before earning my license.

I’ve built a reputation as an off-market deal maker and for providing clients with perceptive advice and analysis.

Outside of real estate, I’ve been involved with Bridges – a weekly program that provides services to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

My wife and I are blessed with a daughter and a platoon of nieces and nephews.

John is as hard-working as they come. He's ungodly smart, remarkably creative when needed, and he soaks up facts like a sponge... More importantly, John cares about people and about doing the right thing. I worked with him for a decade; his integrity and his concern for others were always constant.
Martin Goertzen

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