I use my deep knowledge of Ottawa‘s investment real estate to help you sell richer and buy smarter.

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Why Ottawa Real Estate Investors Hire John


John works exclusively with investors and developers. By focusing on that population, John is better able to connect buyers and sellers.


Big investors know where development is going. You will too when you work with John. John's mom, and former chief of planning, taught him how to keep current with City Hall.


Your success is a result of your exceptional efforts. Your agent's work ethic should match yours. I email clients a weekly log of what I've been doing for them. My clients always know I'm putting in the work that success requires.


What My Clients Say

I contacted John while I was in the process of buying a new condo in Avalon. I’m glad I did. He alerted me of little-known clay issues that had affected homes in the area. John really dots all the ‘i’s and crosses all the ‘t’s. He’s super knowledge, hard-working, and thorough. That made me feel really confident about my purchase.

John Castle Testimonial - Fabiola

Fabiola Dieudonné

John is an impressive salesman. I think he’s done so well because people trust him. And they should. He’s candid and incredibly honest. I’ve known John for over 20 years. He’s always been zealously commitment to integrity. For John, I think integrity is more than a character trait. It’s a pillar of his identity.

Tyler- testimonial - john castle realty

Tyler Owen

I have known John for some time now. he has always been very professional and knowledgeable on so many topics. He stays up to date on current topics and takes to time to explain his point of view and how he came to the conclusion. I would recommend his service to anyone. He will be able to clearly explain the issue and will have creative ways to help his clients.
Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore


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