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John Castle helps professionals and businesses generate more wealth from their real estate investing.

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Deborah Belfie

Former Planning Director and Veteran Planning Consultant

John’s clients will benefit from his impressive knowledge of planning processes and policy, his familiarity with Ottawa’s development and zoning by-laws, and his cognisance of the current affairs at Ottawa City Hall. I’ve never met an agents better equipped to work with developers. I recommend him without reservation.


Chris Fanous

Owner of Honey Commercial Glass

The go-to guy for off market options. Talented trend finder and analyst. His assessments are world class. Reliable. Consistent. Gets things done.


Dr. James Lazowski, MD, P.Eng

Psychiatrist and Notable Aviation Inventor

I have a lot of confidence in John. He’s deeply knowledgeable, rational, and honest. I trust him.


Michel Nungisa, JD

Real Estate Lawyer

John’s advice is world-class. I recommend him to my clients.


Adam Babineau

Subdivision Developer and Owner of Ashton Gardens Mobile Home Park

Great guy. Incredibly smart and honest who knows his stuff.


Andrea Pierce, MBA

Executive Director at Carleton University Entrepreneurship Hub

I highly recommend John Castle, he is a person of integrity and has a long term view of the client relationship. He has deep knowledge of Ottawa’s real estate market.

About John


I’m a graduate of Carleton University and of the Certified Management Accounts (now CPA) Accelerated Program. I’ve worked in investment real estate in Ottawa since 2003.


I focus on the acquisition, and disposition, of, real estate investments, and development land, suitable for private investors and developers.


Generally, my clients are professionals, business owners, and developers who invest in, or develop, real estate in order to build enduring wealth for their families.


My practice is about long-term relationships. Each founded on trust – cultivated through actions and advice that evidence my adoption of the client’s interests as my own.

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5 Star Reviews On Google



5 Star Reviews On Google

Reasons to Hire John

Go Off-Market

Leverage my professional network and my penchant for cold calling to find hidden opportunities.

Detailed Analysis

See the financial performance of your prospective investment in high resolution. As an accountant by training, thorough and thoughtful financial modeling is second nature.

Beat the Crowd

Get on at the ground floor. From five years of mentoring with a notable planning consultant, I learned how to predict where developments are likely to congregate

Specialized Knowledge

Profit from a specialist’s insights. I know more about Ottawa’s investment properties because I work exclusively with the people who own and build them.

More Exposure

Take advantage of my deep professional network; penchant for cold calling; and proficiency with digital, and traditional, marketing to get more investors thinking about your property.

More Offers

When a broker neglects leads you receive fewer offers and have fewer options to sell. That’s why I diligently track every lead and steadfastly maintain contact until I receive a definite no or a written offer.

Radical Accountability

I give you access to your property’s sales pipeline. Monitor progress: see leads in the pipe and how they’re progressing; check in on follow up activity and out-reach.

Sell Discreetly

Want to sell off-market? I’ll personally reach out to the hundreds of qualified investors in my database to find you a buyer.


Head Office

1130 Wellington St. W., Suite #4
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 2Z3


East Ottawa Office

1991 St. Joseph Blvd.
Ottawa, ON
K1C 1E5


West Ottawa Office

474 Hazeldean Rd.
Ottawa, ON
K2L 4E5


World class real estate analysis.